We buy into convenient location of available wireless connection, but nobody considers it important to inform that almost all data transmitted from your phone, tablet or laptop are available to a third person.
Nobody can guarantee that your credit card number and CVV/CVC-code won’t fall into the hands of a criminal allowing him to make purchases at your charge. Using hotspots you provide every interested person with your browser history, personal pictures, private correspondence, and all other components of your private life.
Solution: CRIMINAL FREE technology
Innovation technology website:
Project creation date: November 2017 (since 47/47 of successful vulnerability tests)
Goal: provide privacy protection, lower down cybercrimes
The way it works: you connect to Wi-Fi as you usually do, but you are completely protected from the first byte. Communicate, make purchases, or share your most personal information. You are safe.
It’s very important for us to know your point of view! What do you think about it?
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