Respect for rights. Openness. Accessibility.

DEEPRISM is one of the few honest and independent projects in the field of online security. The privacy of my users is a top priority.
Although I am just anordinary citizen, not an IT company or a Superman, I do everything possible so that anyone anywhere in the world can use an anonymizer, proxy and VPN for free and without unnecessary registrations.



In time



Note: don’t try to limit the technologies, learn to use it!

Mission and Values

DEEPRISM is a challenge to modern times and my civic initiative. Some time ago I created the IKONA RUSSIA blog, but then I realized that I was capable of something more. Immediately after my brainchild gained popularity, I faced serious problems and even extrajudicial methods of reprisals. Everything has to be paid for, and it was the payback for my success. But I turned the dream into reality, and I do not regret anything.

If you wish, you can get to know me better:

Sincerely yours, Pavel Grata

Standards, Ethics and Safety

DEEPRISM is completely transparent and secure, which is what it should be. Since launch, I've never forced you to create accounts, install applications that you could do without, and always looked up to the No-log policy (be sure to read about it).


Today, more than ever, it's becoming clear how interconnected everything is in our world, and the environment is at the heart of the agenda. Everyone who has the power to make any difference has no choice but to embark on a path of decarbonization. The time of reflectionis coming to an end, so I openly declare: DEEPRISM is moving to green solutions and minimizing its carbon footprint.
Cooperation with GREENHOST allows us to build a cleaner and brighter future for this planet and all its inhabitants. Don't close your eyes! Go ahead.


Why do I need a VPN, proxy or anonymizer?

This is your IP:

Through this unique code, you can get a lot of information about you.
Activate a VPN, proxy or anonymizer from DEEPRISM to protect your IP, depersonalize yourself and your activity.

How do I use anonymization tools to hide my IP?

Step 1

Decide where to start

Make a choice: VPN, proxy or anonymizer? For greater security, they can be used together or combined with TOR.

Step 2


Depending on the technology: enter the URL, install the extension in the browser or read the instructions for connecting manually.

Step 3

Forget about the problems

Get peace of mind. Nativeness, high safety standards (AES-256) and reliable partners will save you from headaches.

My blog

Details and nuances that inevitably came up. Internal reserves and resources that I used. Heroes and events that interest me. Stories that amaze.

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Rights on the Internet
Criminal Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some common questions about DEEPRISM.

What does DEEPRISM mean?

DEEPRISM is formed from two words: deep + prism. Everything brilliant is simple.

Why did you create DEEPRISM?

A society in which censorship reigns is doomed. Only free and informed people achieve prosperity.
There are many countries whose regulators do not quite understand this principle. I assume that due to the fact that the best IT specialists go to corporations and introduce innovations, and the worst of the worst — to the government, where they ineptly sublimate their failures into restrictive measures.
Nor have I ever understood how anonymity can be banned for the safety of citizens. This begs a logical question: Do you really not trust them?

Can DEEPRISM be used as your primary VPN?

At this stage, DEEPRISM is a great backup VPN. No one is pretending to top the top 10 VPNs, competing for leadership with PROTON. It was important for me to implement a product that will improve your privacy and bypass illegal bans.
I must admit, it is quite difficult to give evaluationsto your ownbrainchild. I have not invented anything new, but DEEPRISM changes the whole point.

Are there any rules?

You can not use DEEPRISM to write and publish messages defamating other Internet users, for hacking, spamming, committing DDoS attacks.
Carefully read the clauses of the provisions of the sites and remember about the responsibility for violation of international UN norms.

Why doesn't DEEPRISM work?

DEEPRISM is designed in such a way that emergencies will not affect stability and functioning in any way. In an unfavorable scenario, an action plan is prepared in advance. Everything is under control.
However, I will not be surprised if in China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia, Belarus access is already limited. That doesn't mean I broke the law. No... Think about it, how can this technology pose a threat?
You cannot build a state on cruelty and cynicism! If some believe that their citizens are not worthy to join other millions of DEEPRISM users, it’s fine. I hope that in the future their views will change.

I love what you're doing. Can I make a donation to you?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for everything to rest on your donations.
For a couple of years, I tried to collect donations in exchange for an indefinite personal VPN access. Amounts equivalent up to $2 were sent to me, which is ten times less than the effort made.
Alas, this is a road to nowhere. I realized that most users cannot help themselves, so I stopped waiting for miracles. By the way, large foundations and international organizations also showed indifference. There's nothing wrong with that. That is the social reality. However, if you see potential and have other ideas for opportunities, I am always ready to discuss the details with you.

What's next?

To live in such a way that there is no shame. If you like my aspirations, look at other projects:

I spent 6 years on DEEPRISM. I had to partially give up or change my habits. I'm glad that the day has come when the processes are fully automated. Believe me, working on data requires enormous work, as well as the maintenance of the created infrastructure.
Today I have every moral right to return to normal life and do other, no less useful things.