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No more problems with illegal bans and censorship on the web!
DEEPRISM Proxy is an easy and legal way to access blocked sites. Without registration, hidden advertising, and user activity monitoring.
The extension does not affect the speed of the browser and does not require highly specialized knowledge. The entire installation takes its place automatically.
Regardless of your technical background, solve the problem of Web security once and for all!

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Based on green technologies. Easily connects and, if necessary, disconnects with one action.


Strategic green partner: GREENHOST

My motivation

It is important for me to try keep the Internet open and safe, so DEEPRISM is a conscious contribution to this cause. You can find my position in the «Purification» section (IKONA RUSSIA blog). There you will find all the answers to your questions.

My blog

Технологии. Что мне удалось сделать.
Возможно ли получить поддержку от фондов?
Сожалею ли я о потраченном времени? Мое мнение.
Технологии. Что мне удалось сделать.
Технологии. Что мне удалось сделать.