Sustainable Development Policy

With a clear conscience, I declare that your privacy and your rights are more important to me than my own. I'm more interested in promoting equal opportunity than following in the footstepsof big cybersecurity IT companies. Unlike me, they're acting in their self-interest by converting your money into freedom. I wouldn't be surprised, even if it's imaginary.

At a time when the main tool is lying, I build trusting relationships, break down barriers and boundaries.
Transparency is what I strive for. Without it, we cannot talk about any sustainability.

DEEPRISM is completely autonomous, and the VPN is installed manually. No extra markets or third-party applications are used, which is why it can never be deleted or somehow blocked.

Technology must always be about responsibility. DEEPRISM is no exception. I understand the gravity of the climate change, and I call for unity of purpose on this issue.
I don't have any staff, office, car, unnecessary resources and capacity. The VPNitself, thanks to partners, mainly runs on green renewable energy.

Today, DEEPRISM has the power to bring people together. Despite all of our inclusivity, each of us is contributes immensely to shaping the future of the world and the ecosystem of the healthy Internet.

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