Free and really green VPN

Initially, the VPN concept was developed for a different Internet, which few people remember. Therefore, in the first place, this technology was of interest to banks, government agencies, research centers and large companies for laying tunnels between remote employees.
Times have changed. Today, VPN is of increasing interest to ordinary users who want to protect their personal data, maintain privacy, and gain access to Internet resources blocked for political or other reasons. The application has become much wider, but the essence remains the same: VPN is an indispensable tool for creating a secure channel in an insecure and public network.

In my case, you can! Although access to the VPN server is free, I do not limit its capabilities in any way. I don't cut traffic, save user activity logs, or spy on you. Your privacy is my top priority.

If you want, help me with your knowledge or donate money… If you want, just watch kittens on YouTube. No pitfalls! You get absolute freedom and maximum protection (in combination with a browser proxy, TOR).

L2TP/IPsec (Lithuania)

Select the device you are interested in and follow the steps below:

Important: VPN setup is done once. Need another location? Not satisfied with the speed? Open another gate and change the IP in your gadget. Extremely simple action that takes a minute of time!

Gate 1   /  Gate 2

Account (Login): deeprism

Shared Key (Shared Secret / Preshared Key / IPSec Preshared Key): 2024

Password: freevpn


A shared IP address and no registration securely anonymizes your traffic.

Green VPN, WireGuard (Netherlands)

Depending on the device, add the configuration file or QR code.

Green VPN with unlimited bandwidth

I think about the future and DEEPRISM is a sustainable solution. Thanks to partners such as GREENHOST, most of the servers run on renewable energy sources. Nothing prevents anyone who reads these lines from acting in harmony with the environment. Don't forget about it! Humanity still has a chance to learn responsibility and mentally evolve.

Detachment from geolocation

With the new IP address, you hide your real location. This can be compared to a temporary passport that provides all the bonuses and privileges.
For example, a VPN not only allows you to enjoy TV shows and play games! It saves your budget. Depending on the location, there is a difference in price between services, so book hotels, buy tickets or buy clothes at a lower cost. Turn on your imagination and find great deals.

Goodbye censorship

If you were lucky enough to be born and live in a democratic state in which the rights and freedoms of the individual are respected, then you are lucky. I advise others not to despair.
When you activate a virtual private network, you fall under the jurisdiction of the country in which the VPN server is located. This leads to the removal of restrictions and the unblocking of prohibited content.

Secure Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi (land transport, metro, airports, cafes, and other public places) should be considered a potential threat, but a VPN prevents the interception of personal information. DEEPRISM turns your device into a safe, so you don't have to worry about theft of confidential information, passwords, and files.
Chat with friends, share secrets and complete bank transactions. The situation is under control!


This is a military grade security protocol. Everything is encrypted: from the data transmitted to applications by your browser, to the system connections of the operating system. Even the sites you visit will be hidden from the eyes of the provider.
WireGuard uses ChaCha20, which, like AES-256, has no known vulnerabilities.

Don't hesitate and use DEEPRISM for daily surfing and telecommuting. I protect my reputation and will do everything possible so that your digital trust in my projects does not fade away.
I still have a lot of unrealized ideas in my head. Do you want to change the world? Catch me up here: [email protected]

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